We specialise in building itineraries not only all over the UK, but Ireland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Holland and Spain, and we have many other colleagues and suppliers all over Europe, and are happy to search and help with any request.

Over our many years I have built up a great network of suppliers that help make our guests vacations the very best experience. We may live in an online age, but we are one for talking directly to the people we choose to work with, make sure they understand who the guest is and what they want to do and see.

No matter how you like to travel, from 3–5 Star, Private Driver/Guides to Self-Driving – Everything Pre-Booked to those who just want to explore on their own, we can help, I have built itineraries for people ranging from $3000 – $200,000, and it is always a pleasure.

And unlike many other agents we are happy to book individual services, if you just need a hotel for the night or a single transfer, you have only to ask. We are here to help we are here


The itineraries you see on our page are what we have built over the last 12 months for our guests, they are an idea of what we can and the variety we can offer, there are many more, we like to think there are no limits, and we have new itineraries to come, from Themed British TV itineraries, to WWII visits.

So call or email us and see what we can do for you.


Some of us are really lucky to thoroughly enjoy our work; I am one of those people. Back in 2005, I had the idea of starting Prestigious Travel UK, and in March 2006 it was realised and came to fruition.

The thing you soon realise and have to remember that it is not our holiday or vacation but that of the client/guest and it is this that is always at the forefront of our itinerary planning.

Remembering this has kept Prestigious Travel UK clients coming back year on year and earning the trust of many agents with their clients.

Prestigious Travel UK; is a husband and wife team, Diana my better half looks after the accounts, pays the bills and basically keeps the company going, for my part, I build the itineraries, network with our suppliers and do the research. We have two other members of the team, Sooty our cat, who is a useful paperweight on my desk and try’s a bit of typing on my keyboard, and Cali our dog, who keeps my feet warm in the winter under my desk, and distracts me enough to take a break and her for a walk. Best Wishes.
Diana, John, Sooty and Cali

Diane & John Calthorpe
Cali the dog
Sooty the cat


These itineraries, are examples of what we have done for clients past, they are now just ideas for you, what you see can be used or edited, take what you like from each to make your own, everything we do is customised to your requirements, there are no set dates, you come when you want, there is no time limit, come for as long or as little as you wish.

We can build for you the usual, something more specific to your interests, themed such as TV show’s or film Locations or build you something unique, we like to think there are no boundaries.

You have only to ask and we look forward to hearing from you.


Time Difference

GMT; summertime is +1 and starts and ends as in the rest of Western Europe (starting on the last Sunday of March, ending on the last Sunday in October).

Food Prices

Food prices vary. In an expensive restaurant, a single main meal can cost up to £30. In chain restaurants (Frankie & Bennies, Bella Italia etc.) a main meal is normally around £10. Many pubs do the best value food with many doing a ‘2 for £10’ deal or similar at certain times of day.


The internet is widely available as you might expect. Internet cafés are not as common as you might expect due to so many people carrying laptops, notebooks and Wi-Fi enabled phones around. Most cafés, restaurants, hotels and even pubs will supply you with free Wi-Fi so if you have the gadgets, take advantage of these! If you desperately need the internet and can’t find a café, pop into a library.


In restaurants 10% is the normal rate. Unlike other countries though, we operate a minimum wage system so even our lowest paid workers are given a reasonable salary and are not as dependant on tips as in other parts of the world. Having said that if someone has done a good job, be sure to let them know and a tip is a great way to do that!

Credit cards

Credit and debit cards are a widely accepted form of payment in Europe. Visa and MasterCard are accepted just about everywhere but AMEX is less so. If you have an AMEX card, we would advise bringing an alternative credit card with you as well. Everywhere also accepts cash (Local Currency) but few places accept cheque.
The Euro is not accepted as a form of payment in the United Kingdom/Northern Ireland.

Tipping in resturants

A service charge (tip) of 12.5% to 15% may be added to your bill but the practice is not universal in UK restaurants. And it may not always be easy to discover whether it is either. Some restaurants print their service charge policy on their menus (long gone by the time you pay your bill), while others make the service charge very clear on the bill. Don’t be embarrassed to ask. And don’t be too flustered to read your bill. It is not uncommon for waiters to leave the “total” line blank on credit card devices, tacitly inviting you to add a tip when you’ve already been billed for service. If service is included, you are not expected to add anything further, but you may want to add a small sum for particularly good service or extra attention. If service is not included, plan to leave a tip of 10 to 15 per cent.

Tipping in pubs

You are not expected to tip with cash for drinks in pubs. If the barman gives you especially good service or fills several big orders for you, you can offer a small sum (the price of half a pint of beer, say), with the words, “and have one for yourself” or something similar. The barman (or barmaid) may pour themselves a drink on the spot or may put the money aside to have a drink later. You’re not expected to tip for food in pubs either but, with the growth of gastro pubs, this has become something of a grey area. If you feel the “pub” is more of a restaurant with a bar than a pub that serves food, you may want to leave a tip similar to what you would leave in a restaurant.

Tipping drivers

About 10 per cent of the total fare is usual for licensed, metered taxis. Rural taxis and cabs usually charge a pre-agreed, flat fare and many people do not add an additional tip.

Tipping hotel staff

Tipping hotel staff is not necessary, but is always welcomed. You can tip a bellman a pound or two for helping with your bags or a doorman for getting you a taxi. Valet parking services are uncommon and, when available, there’s usually a charge for them, so tipping is unnecessary. Some hotels have started adding an optional service charge to bills. This is most common at hotels with spas and gyms, where staff are expected to perform extra services for you, and is supposed to be distributed to staff members. If you would rather control the amount you tip individuals, you can have that service charge removed from your bill.


We urge you to purchase cancellation insurance & supplemental medical coverage (which covers pre-existing conditions). This is a smart way to safeguard against life’s surprises.

Please note: to receive maximum coverage, it is suggested to purchase within 21 days of your first payment.

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We have made arrangements with Travel Insurance Center, a division of SMS (Senior Market Sales); members of UStiA (United States Travel Insurance Association). Worldwide travel insurance brokers headquartered in Omaha Nebraska with over 35 years experience. Coverage to all destinations.
Our contact person is Jonah Engel, mention promo code: PRESTIGIOUS TRAVEL UK

USA phone (402) 404-5205.

Alternatively, to arrange your insurance online, visit Travel Insurance Center
Please note that we cannot accept responsibility for any losses or expenses which you or any member of your party may incur as a result of failure to secure adequate coverage.